lazy loading to table

Hello, I develop an application with EJB+JPA backend and Vaading frontend. I would like to have a lazy loading in tables, treetables.
I know the topic has been already discussed, but topics are 4-5 years old now and things may have changed.

Assume, I have a Stateless bean CompanyManager with methods:
Company findCompanyPaged(int firstItem, int maxItems, String someFilter)
int companyCount(String someFilter)

How can I integrate it with Vaadin table/teetable component?

LazyQueryContainer doesn’t look ok as I don’t want the frontend tier to run any queries on its own, especially that Company object can be in fact a complex DTO with several tables behind.

Is MTable the right solution? Can use lazy loading and benefit from usual bean container services like nested properties, filters etc at the same time?