Lazy Loading of Editors in UI Spring

Hi guys,

i have a complex view that has a 3 views/editors and a grid in it.

On entering the view, user will view the grid. I also notice the views/editors are also loaded when user enter by spring. Is there any methods to load the editors when needed?

i have tried the following but it does not work, there are still many call to the service to get the fields required.

@Route(value = AppConstants.PAGE_QUOTE, layout = MainAppLayout.class)
@CssImport(value = "./styles/components/combo-box-quote.css", themeFor = "vaadin-combo-box")
@CssImport(value = "./styles/components/form-item-quote.css", themeFor = "vaadin-form-item")
@CssImport(value = "./styles/quote-overlay-styles.css", themeFor = "vaadin-dialog-overlay")
public class QuoteView   {

	protected QuoteTemplateView quoteTemplateView;
 	private Dialog dialog;
	protected QuoteReportDialog quoteReportDialog;
    private final PagingGridR<ResultQuery> pagingGridR;
    private final ResultQueryToolbar<Quote, QuoteService> crudToolbar;
    private ResultQueryDialog crudDialog;
    protected QuoteEditor editor;
	public QuoteView(QuotePresenter presenter, QuoteService quoteService) {
		super(presenter, quoteService);

	@Autowired(required = false) 
	public void setEditor(QuoteEditor editor) {
		System.out.println("Init Editor");
	@Autowired(required = false)
	public void setQuoteReportDialog(QuoteReportDialog quoteReportDialog) {
		this.quoteReportDialog = quoteReportDialog;
	@Autowired(required = false)
	public void setQuoteTemplateView(QuoteTemplateView quoteTemplateView) {
		this.quoteTemplateView = quoteTemplateView;
	@Autowired(required = false)
    public void setCrudDialog(ResultQueryDialog crudDialog) {
        this.crudDialog = crudDialog;