layouts with theme="padding" sometimes not padded

I am experiencing an Issue where sometimes, all my layouts in the whole app look very strange. mainly, layouts that have the theme="padding" do not have padding defined via css.
Whenever I experience this, I can mvn clean install and try again, usually it works again afterwards. I have not found any consistency or any explanation why this is happening. but now its happening every second or third time in average, which unnecessarily eats up too much of my time.

I first experienced this when I first used Vaadin 14.1.0 and attributed it to the version. I then went back to 14.0.15 and it seemed fine again, but then it started to happen again. So it is not caused by 14.1.0

Here is a screenshot of 2 chrome inspectors - the left one is when this issue happened, the right one is when everything is working.
(open the image in new tab for a full-screen image)
![screenshot of inspectors]

Another effect of this issue is that my [VerticalScrollLayout]
( - which is based on overflow: auto; - is not scrollable anymore.

Any help is much appreciated.


Does it happen in both development and production mode? Also, does the problem go away if you ckear the cache in the browser and reload.

There was a probkem in earlier versions of flow that sometimes would cause the browser to to use a cached version of the css. It was really noticable if you switched between different projects that had different style sheets. I don’t know if that particular problem has been fixed, but I haven’t experienced it lately.