Layout issues in Internet Explorer

We have a Vaadin-based application that displays correctly in Firefox and Google Chrome. It also works correctly in IE 7 on my desktop, but when displayed on IE browsers on other computers, the browser is completely blank. I have inspected the HTML source and it looks correct. When I load the application with the ?debug flag, I notice that a number of relative sized components were rendered to a zero sized container on the client side. Does anyone know a reason why some IE browsers (perhaps IE8 and above) would cause a relative sized component to have a 0 width, when the application works perfectly on other browsers?

I have been looking at this for quite some time, and would like any help I can get to proceed or debug the reason why my components won’t layout in IE. I think this is a relatively recent issue, because this was working a couple months ago, I believe. One thing that has changed in the last couple months was we moved from Vaadin 6.3.4 to 6.4.8.

Thanks in advance,

Just a thought: Would IE happen to be in “compatibility mode” (is the “broken page” button pushed down)? In some case pushing broken page button has done exactly that - broken the page.

It turns out that moving from Vaadin 6.4.8 to 6.5.4 fixed the problem. Now the later versions of IE display correctly. I don’t know what changed between those releases, but it made it so that the panels displayed correctly and not a size of 0,0.

However, I have noticed that table header labels aren’t showing up in IE or FF when running 6.5.4. I posted a separate question about this.