Layout issue on mobile with Vaadin 23.2.2

Hi All, I’ve constructed my app with an AppLayout with both drawer & navbar. The primary section is the navBar. I’m seeing a weird layout issue when I’m on mobile : the start of the view contained in the layout is hidden under the navbar (You can see this in this screen capture : ). On one screen the content is displayed on top of the NavBar, in the other-one one sees the scrolling arrows of the tabs over the navbar and the tabs are hidden under the navbar … I’ve tried to call scrollIntoView on the tabs component for example but it does not fix the issue. When I view the app in Chrome desktop it works, even when I use developer mode and simulate a mobile it works. One I’m on a real mobile device, I have this issue … This seems to be happening on chrome mobile only, on Firefox it works as expected.Any idea of what’s causing this ? I’ve opened a ticket with code & videos :
Thanks !