Layout is displaced with beta1


after updating Vaadin 7 alpha 3 to beta 1 the layout is displaced. I often use VerticalLayout. All components have a fixed size (setWidth(int, Unit.PIXELS); setHeight(…):wink:
Example: If I have 3 Components in my VerticalLayout. The second one is aligned in the middle (vertical center left). I think that is a difference to older versions. Even setComponentAlignment takes no effect.
Is there something new, that I have to think about?


I figured out, that setting fixed width and height to “outer components”, that just wrap other components, causes the problem.


The layouts were completely redone for beta1 with the goal that they should be as much as possible pure HTML+CSS and use as little as possible javascript calculations. It’s possible (probable) that there are some bugs there so if you have something that used to work in alpha3 or Vaadin 6 but no longer renders correctly, please create a ticket with a test at