Layout individual radio buttons of an OptionGroup

I want to layout a textfield, a checkbox and a radio button in the row of a grid.
It appears that the radio buttons in an OptionGroup must be wholly contained in that group.
I found the add-on FlexibleOptionGroup which appears to allow you access to the individual radio buttons, putting the radio buttons wherever you want.

Is there any way to do what I want in vaadin or must I use the FlexibleOptionGroup add-on?


if you need multiple of these rows (so multiple radio buttons), I’d say you can’t achieve it with the standard OptionGroup. So yes, the way to go would be to use FlexibleOptionGroup.

On the other hand, if I understood your requirement correctly, you would have three columns in your GridLayout and the radio button would always be in the third column. If this is the case, you might get away with creating one OptionGroup, setting it to occupy all the rows of the third column and finally aligining the individual radio buttons with some CSS. But I think this would be more of a hack so I really can’t recommend it, even though it might be doable.