Layout_Card Coponents to big

Hi everybody,

i´m implementing a dashboard view with some chart components. therefor i´m using the ValoTheme.LAYOUT_CARD - functionality.

my problem is, that when i´m first navigating to the dashboard subview, the charts are bigger than their chart-layout surounding (see in attachement). but when i visit the next time these subview or i press a button or another widget component, the charts are shown as they should.

i realy don´t know where i can start to look for the bug.
every component and layout ist “setsizefull”

any idea?

thank you very much and sorry for my bad englisch :smiley:

here´s the missing attachment

after some hours of searching for my fault, i found the same problem at the demo application on the addon page.!Dashboard

if you inspect the charts with firebug or something else, you can see, tht the chartcontainer is always to big for the dash. (see attachment)
but if you refresh the page by clicking again on the Dashboard menu item, its fits perfectly.

somebody got an idea how to solve this isue?!



Our quicktickets demo ( doesn’t seem to show any similar issues. It may be due to some layouting bug in Vaadin relating to the expand ratios, or then it might have something to do with the chart margins?

Could you try your app without the chart margins and see if that solves the issue. If this is the case, please file a ticket about that to


removing the margins leeds to no improvement of the situation…

Then it sounds more like something relating to the expand ratios. Maybe try to remove these as well to determine if that’s the problem or not?

no sorry, same problem after removing all expand ratios :confused: