Latin Chars dropped by SCSS Compiler

Hi, everyone!

I’m trying to do something like this on my theme.scss file:

$v-app-loading-text: "Processando Informações"; but the chars ‘ç’ and ‘õ’ and other like these are replaced by ‘?’ when theme is compiled. I tried to use the declaration:

@charset "ISO-8859-1"; but still not working. Event scapping chars like &aacut; didn’t work.

The same problem happens if inside CSS, like:

content: "Esse Vaadin parte meu coração"; Is there any way to write these chars in my language? Am I doing something wrong? Any sugestions?
For now I solved by changing the words with synonyms, but it stinks…

thanks in advance…

[I know, bad english :´( ]

I found this old issue from Aug 2014:

Still not fixed