Latest Google Chrome Browser (v37) broke RichTextField

Is it just me. Or now all richtextfields just doesn’t work when trying to do normal selection or typing inside it ?
It works fine in safary and firefox, but I know for sure it worked for chrome too.
On september 9 I see that chrome released version 37.

Does anyone has this problem?

This problem applies from 7.2.x to 7.3.x regardless of the theme being used.
I am using the default widgetset

Works fine for me, OSX and Chrome 37.

My rich text area is in a modal window that was dinamically added by a combobox value change listener.

As I say. safary and firefox renders correctly and you can select content and edit normally.

But with this latest chrome, it just breaks, mouse seleccion doesn’t work (well, it’s trickier, it does the selection normally, it just doesn’t provide the visual feedback that the text was selected until you move the modal window a bit, then the seleccion shows, same for the edits inside the richtextarea).

I am on lates os x, and latest safary, firefox and chrome. with chrome this doesn’t work here.

Tested with a RTA inside a modal window, still works for me. Can you provide a minimal application that displays this issue, please?