Lacking setAnimation in charts 3 [regression]


We have faced number of problems after upgrading to Charts 3.0.0, but maybe there are obvious solutions we could not find:
I.e. PlotOptionsErrorbar does not have setAnimation method. So error bars are always animiated, this is also not consistent with existence of setAnimation method in PlotOptionsScatter, which was kept.
This means part of the series are involuntarily animated and part have animation off. This looks quite bad…

Is there any solution to switch the animation off for the error bars now. It was possible before.


Hi Krzysztof,

Can you create an issue for the missing API in

As a workaround, if you want to disable animations for all data series, you can use PlotOptionsSeries.setAnimation(false)

PlotOptionsSeries generalOptions = new PlotOptionsSeries(); generalOptions.setAnimation(false); conf.setPlotOptions(generalOptions); PlotOptionsSeries are applied to all data series in the chart.

Did you check
before migrating? If you face other issues with the migration please post them.



Thanks a lot for the hint! It worked!
Somehow I missed PlotOptionsSeries could be used for this!

After digging down, it is clear that most of other problems came from highcharts changes (i.e. setRotaion not working when setStep is used on the xAxis, it used to work with previous highcharts (vaadin) versions).

I will post any other problem if found


Great to hear it worked!