Labels not displaying in firefox

hi guys,

for some reason, the labels next to my jtextfields are working on internet explorer and chrome but not working on firefox,
and also another problem when i change pages, some labels are getting on top on others.
i repeat, everything works fine in chrome but i need to make them work also in firefox,

if anyone has a solution?


One more thing,

in firefox,
if i resize the window everything goes to normal, it displays the way it should be

don’t understand why, after i resize the window it displays everything correctly


This forum category is meant for questions about using the forum, not for technical questions, but anyway: It is very hard to guess what exactly might be wrong in your application without seeing the relevant bits of code, and information about the Vaadin and Firefox versions with which you are seeing problems. Also, is the application running on the full page or embedded somewhere e.g. in an iframe?

That said, you might want to test first so that you disable any custom theme you are using (just use reindeer or valo or whatever theme your theme is based on). Also check with browser zoom level reset to 100% to make sure that does not trigger the issue.

Layouts are recalculated on window resize. Does any resize (smaller or bigger than the original) help? Or e.g. only when you make the window bigger?

(Moved the topic to a more appropiate category).

Sorry for not posting on the right category,

Vaadin version 7, java version 1.6 and 1.7
The problem is regarded to the sizing of gridlayout slots. On 100% zoom, before the resizing of the window, the grid slots are on the second column have only: style=“width: 100%; top: 104px;” .
After you resize the window, or you are not on 100% zoom, the style of the same element it is modified into: style="width: 1057px; top: 104px; margin-right: 12px; left: 163px;
And on Chrome or IE the elements are corectly resized from the start

I attached 2 prinst screens:before and after.

thank you for your help.