Label Wrapping when label contains XML

Hi Everyone, I’m stumped and am hoping all you smart guys out there can help me.

I have a Panel, which contains a Tab, which contains a Label and inside the label I am attempted to display some XML. The problem that I’m having is that I can’t get the XML to wrap correctly inside the label. I’ve tried the following:

Setting the CONTENT_PREFORMATTED for the label cause the XML to look nice and pretty, meaning that the tags are indented, but if I do this it either truncates the XML at the edge of the panel’s tab, or if I set the size to undefined the users have to scroll horizontally to see all the XML if any of the XML is wider than the tab. For example, the namespaces.

I have also tried CONTENT_XML, however doing that causes the browser to strip the XML tags and just show the data in the tags, which is not what I want.

I have tried CONTENT_RAW, which is the same result as CONTENT_XML.

I have also tried applying a CSS style to the label of white-space: pre-wrap;. This does allow the XML to wrap, but I lose the indentation of the XML which causes the XML to be unreadable without a lot of effort.

Does anyone have any ideas? I very much appreciate any help!

I think I might have found my problem. I don’t believe the browser is picking up my css change to white-space: pre-wrap; because when I change the css while looking at the element in the browser it works. So I guess I’ll take a look at loading my CSS.

Success. Clearing the cache in the browser tends to help.