label position in Vaadin


is there a way to position a “Label” in Vaadin on the right top of a Window - other than using a Grid Layout?

I would like to show the “Label” always on the right top of the window no matter what resolution the desktop or what size the Browser windows has.

Thank you for your help.

You could use VerticalLayout or HorizontalLayout and the method setComponentAlignment(label, Alignment.TOP_LEFT);

Or you could use AbsoluteLayout.

Hi Jouni,

I ended up using your PanelLayout. This is so much easier to design the layout I wanted.

Thank you for the nice module.


No problem, you’re welcome! Glad I can help :slight_smile:

But could you clarify, what “PanelLayout” do you mean? I’ve yet to find such a component in Vaadin :wink:
I’ve only done DashLayout and WeeLayout add-ons, which are available in the add-ons Directory.