Label Image and Name

If possible Label.setvalue(“Welcome html”);
and Lable.setIcon(new ThemeResource(“img/NotifyIcon1.png”));

Yes, it’s possible

please give code sir

label.setValue("Welcome html");
label.setIcon(new ThemeResource("img/NotifyIcon1.png"));

the code not work sir

Label ltrnbr = new Label(); lbltemp.setIcon(new ThemeResource(“img/NotifyIcon1.png”));

Works for me

grid table i use the code the image not shoe

What about if you use it without the Grid?

without grid table its work fine

but grid table use that code not work.

Grid’s ComponentRenderer intentionally omits the caption of the Label. The caption is the part that contains the Icon. If you want to show a picture as well as some text, you can use either a HtmlRenderer or a Label with the ContentMode.HTML; something like this:

        grid.addComponentColumn(row -> {
            Label l = new Label();
            ThemeResource themeResource = new ThemeResource("image.png");
            String path = UI.getCurrent().getUiRootPath() +
                    "/VAADIN/themes/" + UI.getCurrent().getTheme() + "/" + themeResource.getResourceId();
            l.setValue("<img src='" + path + "'></img><span>Welcome html</span>");
            return l;

Thank You sir​:grinning: :+1:.