Kotlin on backend

I would like to ask if there is some command in Hilla CLI to create Hilla app with set Kotlin on backend?

If not, what steps I need to do to switch Kotlin for Java in Spring boot, when I do npx @hilla/cli init --react my-hilla-app.
Thanks so much and I highly appreciate Hilla makers! :100:

Hi, we have one project with spring boot + hilla frontend + kotlin. iirc it was pretty forward. Created a new project and converted some of the classes to kotlin (using IntelliJ). The only thing: currently kotlin is not 100% supported for DTOs, so we keep them as java classes (but i’ve seen in the hilla githubs issues that this is about to change in the near future) and the hilla endpoints we also keep as java classes but they are indeed only a thin delegator to forward the request to a kotlin based endpoint (for the same reasons than DTOs)

It sort of works, but the endpoint generation does not handle nullability correctly. We do intend to address the issue, we want to be able to support Kotlin

It is somewhat partially addressed issue, see hillaEngine: Basic types other than String are always nullable in Kotlin · Issue #604 · vaadin/hilla · GitHub