Key Navigation in Tree-Component and Scrolling


I am currently having an issue with the Tree-Component of Vaadin.
You can reconstruct it with the Vaadin-Demo at

Attached you will see some screenshot of the “problem”:

  1. Starting with th demo above: Go to the link above and mark an element of the tree. You can move up and down, no problem so far.
  2. tree-key-nav_1.png: Resize the window, so that the width is small enough, that the tree is partly hidden.
  3. tree-key-nav_2.png: Again, move up and down with your keyboard arrows. You will see, that the tree-component “scrolls” to the right side.
    Already here it’s a problem for me, because in a split-panel you can’t see the interesting part of the tree anymore!
  4. tree-key-nav_3.png: Resize the window back to fullscreen. The tree stays partly hidden.

I don’t know, if it’s a bug, but if you are using the tree in a split-panel you usually won’t resize the window to fullscreen. The problem here is, that if the (content of the) tree is wider than it’s parent split-panel, the component will scroll to the right side and you will only see the end of the elements.

In my application the tree is in a panel (to have scrolling enabled). This panel is the content of the left part of a split-panel.
I tried it with
after a the
of the tree was called, but it didn’t behave smoothly, which means, that it first scrolled to the right and then to the left :smiley:

Maybe someone already have a solution for this.

Thank you (or Kiitos ;-)),


At first I tested it in FF3.6, the same “problem” occurs also in IE8 and Chrome

Looks to me like a bug. Report it at
. You have to create an account there to be able to create new tickets.

Here’s the ticket: