Just Use BeanItemContainer: Is it Enough?

I have been thinking about other “lazy container” implementations out there (HbnContainer, Lazy Loading Container).
All of them seem to be addressing the issues related to pagination and random jumping from page to page.

I do, however, question the need of these containers regarding my requirement:

  1. No need to show total number of rows
  2. No need to allow arbitrary page jumping

How it looks:
I just need to show the first batch of result (500 rows) for example. Of course, there will be a second lazy loading from the table (frontend) to vaadin server. I guess Vaadin caches that 500 rows in the session object.
Whenever I query I always get pageSize + 1 (501 for this example). If I have 501 I know I need to display “Next 500”. If not, then I am done showing up all rows.

So at all time, the worst that could happen is I load 500 rows in a memory. I’m sure BeanItemContainter can easily handle that. I can just add 500 Pojos to the bean container and done with it. No worry about start index, end index, etc…

I would like to have the opinions of great minds out there. Thanks