Jump into Vaadin app from thirdparty app

hi folks,

I need some inspiration :wink:

In my vaadin app I need to a) suspend a Action b) call a external webapp (Web Single Sign On) and then c) return into my app and Continue the Action from a).

How can I do this?


How about putting it in an iframe through the use of
? Then you would never have to leave your Vaadin app in the first place.

You might also want to read the article
“Authenticating Vaadin-based applications”

Update: I did it with the TransactionListener interfaces and some “spring injection magic” B)

  • create a “LateLoginManager”

    • session scoped spring @Service
    • start → a “login consumer” becomes a “login-handler” (register at LateLoginManager)
      → manager stores the caller
      → and starts a login-redirect (return-url will be calculated to be the current application)
    • continue → call the registered login-handler
      → the handler now can continue his work … now with a authenticated user session
  • Application can handle the “login-continue-url”

    • inject LateLoginManager into application (@Configurable)

quite simple :smiley: