JSR 303 Bean validation - localized messages on GlassFish 4.1 - NoClassDefF


  1. I have problem with localized bean validations in Vaadin.

What is working:

  • Bean validations with localized messages (in
    ) in a simple servlet application without Vaadin (see
  • Bean validations without localized messages (messages are hardcoded in annotations) in a Vaadin application

What is not working:

  • Bean validations with localized messages in a Vaadin application

In such case, I get error (see

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class org.hibernate.validator.internal.engine.messageinterpolation.InterpolationTerm at org.hibernate.validator.messageinterpolation.ResourceBundleMessageInterpolator.interpolateExpression(ResourceBundleMessageInterpolator.java:227) at org.hibernate.validator.messageinterpolation.ResourceBundleMessageInterpolator.interpolateMessage(ResourceBundleMessageInterpolator.java:187) at org.hibernate.validator.messageinterpolation.ResourceBundleMessageInterpolator.interpolate(ResourceBundleMessageInterpolator.java:11 (on the same Vaadin form I have also fields without localized messages ant its validations work well)

I deploy both applications on the same instance of GlassFish 4.1. This application server has embedded a
but I also tried to add this library (in various versions) in my
(as described in Vaadin documentation) with same result. I also tried adding
libraries with no luck. Maybe there is a combination of versions that is working? Any help is appreciated.

  1. The second (currently minor) issue: I afraid that in a vaadin application the
    is ignored. Despite the fact that in the log I see:

... [org.hibernate.validator.internal.xml.ValidationXmlParser] ... [[HV000007: META-INF/validation.xml found. Parsing XML based configuration.] ] the content of this file is ignored – I tried to set a
to non-existing classes which should lead to an error and I even tried to provide invalid XML file, but no error occured – this file is simply ignored. But when I do the same in my non-vaadin web application, I got error as expected:

javax.validation.ValidationException: HV000099: Unable to instantiate validation provider So the file is loaded and not ignored.

Some version info:
Operating system: GNU/Linux (Kubuntu 14.10)
Java: OpenJDK 8
GlassFish: 4.1
Vaadin: 7.4.3
Vaadin CDI: 1.0.3
Deltaspike: 1.4.2
application format: EAR (WAR + EJB + common LIB)

20986.gz (2.85 KB)
20987.txt (4.98 KB)

Solved: I have upgraded to Vaadin 7.5.2 and localized bean validations are now working!

Part 1) is solved. But part 2) not: my vaadin application still ignores the
file. Although in the log there is:

HV000007: META-INF/validation.xml found. Parsing XML based configuration. I have searched Vaadin source code and didn’t find any
. How can I enable it?