JPAContainerFactory ClassNotFound


In the Book of Vaadin section on using a JPAContainer (, we are advised to use the JPAContainerFactory.

The Maven download for the JPAContainer release has the version at 3.2.0. This jar does not contain the JPAContainerFactory jar.

In addition, when checking out the source repo for JPAContainer (, I can see that the latest release is 2.0.0-RC1, which contains the JPAContainerFactory class:

Should we therefore be using version 2.0.0-RC1 in our Maven pom? And if so, why does the add-on page have the more recent 3.2.0 version? Alternatively, if using 3.2.0, how should we construct the container if not via the JPAContainerFactory?


I can find JPAContainerFactory in jpacontainer-3.2.0.jar.

You are lucky its not found, now you
can stop using it