JPAContainer liscense

JPAContainer is available under AGPL 3.0, CVAL 2.0.
Would someone please summarize what AGPL 3.0 means to the developer with respect to source code and deployment?

  1. Can a developer be able to use JPAContainer AGPL 3.0 for profit making sites without disclosing the source code?

  2. If not, what data binding options besides JPAContainer can I use for a profit making site without disclosing the source code?

No. JPAContainer is dual-licensed, which (basically) means that you can buy a license (from Vaadin Ltd) to use JPAContainer commercially.

For more info on the Dual-Licensing, see
this sticky post
For more info on the AGPL, the
wikipedia article is as good as an summary as anything else

Several are available as
Or, you can write your own - depending on your requirements, it’s needn’t be too difficult (the Container API has lots of superflous stuff that you often don’t need to implement. The tricky bit is finding which bits those are!).

For my projects, we only use the container for reading (and manage the writing ourselves); our containers actually talk to a separate server, using our own interfaces and methods to query the database (i.e. it’s an n-tier client-server configuration)

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Thanks Charles for your post.

To be really exact, AGPL does not mind if you use the library for
use, it just disallows closed-source use (or use with an incompatible license), which you probably meant to say.

Well, the two things correlate rather heavily, so in practice it’s usually the same thing.

Thank you Marko and Charles for your help.