JPAContainer custom table

I have an entity class, and I want to display the entities, which even consists a checkbox column and some generated columns, and I doesn’t want to display all the fields of the entity. As there are hundreds of rows, paging and lazy loading is also important, that’s why I started with PagedTable and Lazy Query Container addons. But the problem with LQC is that it doesn’t support nested properties, so I added special getters to parent entity class, and it seems to work well, but with this solution, sorting doesn’t work.

That’s why I tried JPAContainer instead of LQC. But in all the examples I found, columns are generated directly from entity’s fields, and I haven’t found a solution to display only the fields I choose. I can see that addContainerProperty method is not supported, is there any way to add only the fields I choose or even custom components?

table.setVisibleColumns(new String[]{"col1","col3"}) ;