JPAContainer Beans FieldGroup and TreeTable -- OH MY!

In my continuing expansion of a project I am working on – I now have need to show data in a tree table (because the data is, indeed, hierarchical) …

My main Entity – which I fetched via a JPAContainer (Hibernate flavor) – has an accessor to a set of Entities called Charges … (and one called Cases) …

Charges can be children of other Charges, and there is a nice property for that relationship … all good so far…

My question is this: given the fact I already have the set of Charges (via an accessor off the main Entity) available … how can I EASILY get this showing in a tree table?

Creating a new HierarchicalContainer from scratch and loading it “manually” seems tedious – as does creating a new “HierarchicalBeanItemContainer” … especially since JPAContainer / EntityHierarchicalContainer basically does what I want…

I guess what I would like to do is something simple like:

Set<Charges>  setOfCharges ;   // this is filled ... 
JPAContainer <Charges>  chargesContainer = new JPAContainer(Charges.class) ;
chargesContainer.setDataSource( setOfCharges );
chargesContainer.setParentProperty( "parentChargeID");

ANd then bind that to a TreeTable :slight_smile:

However, one can’t pre-fill in a JPAContainer as the above (that I can see) –

So what’s the best way to accomplish this?



Hi Steve,

You could create a JPAContainer for Charges and then add a filter to it that ensures that the back reference to the main entity is a certain value. See the
in the JPAContainer address book demo, which does something similar. (The linked version is for Vaadin 7, but it should be fairly similar in Vaadin 6)