JPAContainer 2.1.0 is out

To complement the larger 2.0 version released early this year there is now 2.1.0 version available in the Directory. This version makes life much simpler for developers who work in JEE6 environment. Some bug fixes have also landed.

The better JEE6 support is accomplished with so called JNDI entity providers. You can read more about them from my recent blog post and from the updated online manual:

Blog post about JNDI providers


A list of closed issues is
available in our trac

To get convinced why you should use JPAContainer, especially in your small to medium sized DB backed apps, see the recent video that demonstrates
RAD capabilities of Vaadin JPAContainer

Special thanks for all developers who provided detailed bug reports and early feedback!


Well, two points:

  • I prefer to have the stuff I need ‘injected’ instead of looked up with the InitialContext.
  • and I don’t really like to have to create a Subclass of EjbEntityProvider for each Table in my database.

Cannot I just have the JPA EntityManager injected into the Servlet, and then provide it to the UI?

However, when I consequently try and do that and create a JPAContainer with JPAContainerFactory.make(Stuff.class, entityManager) I get: “Exception Description: Cannot use an EntityTransaction while using JTA.”

Is there another way?