Jpa container .getEntity() failes to save to db

I am using JPA Container 3.1 and finding that if I use EntityItem.getEntity().set… the value doesn’t propagate to the database relyable.

Here is some test code that fails every time.

Note that this same code works perfectly if the value is set using EntityItem.getItemProperty(“vValue”).setValue(…

        // 3264 is an id in my database.
        // vValue is the name of a field in Tblsystem.
long testId = System.currentTimeMillis();
        JPAContainer<Tblsystem> container = JPAContainerFactory.makeBatchable(Tblsystem.class, "njadmin");
        EntityItem<Tblsystem> item = container.getItem(3264);
        item.getEntity().setVValue("test value " + testId);
        container = JPAContainerFactory.makeBatchable(Tblsystem.class, "njadmin");
        item = container.getItem(3264);

        // this fails every time
        assertTrue("value didn't save ", item.getItemProperty("vValue").getValue().equals("test value " + testId));