JFreeChartWrapper tooltip support


I’m using JFreeChartWrapper, which is really good for handling JFreeCharts,
but one problem I’m facing is that, JFreeChartWrapper extends Embedded, and if I want to use tooltip for the image,
there is no place to add new attribute for image, and it does not support image map tooltips yet. e.g.
<img useMap=“#imageMap”…

any idea what can be best solution for displaying those tooltips?

And I tried ImageMapWidget addon, there is no support for Mouse over event which might be good requirement.

ImageMapWidget does not raise events for mouseover, but did you notice that it allows you to specify tooltip strings for the areas?

Thank you for your quick reply,

and I still want to ask is there any straight solution for JFreeWrapper or Embedded component to add new attribute for the html tag?

And any direct support for JFreeChart tooltip without filter out the image map location information?

Question still there, is there anyone who has faced the same problem?

Thank you.


Are searching for support directly to JFreeChart or to the “component level” (on tooltip for the whole chart)?

Inspired by an article by Jonathan Leech I played a while with JFreeChart last week. It certainly is possible to get some tooltips, animations and all sorts of cool stuff for JFreeChart’s SVG rendered output too. See:

Tooltips etc for JFreeChart-Batik-SVG

Here you can see my prototype in action:

If you need support for IE you’d still need to render the produced SVG with SVGWeb library by Brad Neuberg. I tested this approach too, but you are on a rocky path here. I found it best to render the content into iframe, as integrating svgweb with GWT/Vaadin is quite tricky. And on the iframe route there is still a small issue (with a patch) in svgweb


In general the future of SVG looks quite bright ATM after some dark years. After IE9 release all major browsers will have built-in SVG support and the svgweb library by Brad already appears to provide a decent fallback for older Explorers.


Could someone share a bit of code, I would also like to have tooltips on my jfreecharts.

Thanks, Rudolf


The implementation is pretty much Vaadinized prototype based on the article by Jonathan Leech from Virtela Communications. I haven’t seen the code released and licensed anywhere so I’m not sure if I can release my code or not. I’m not a copyright layer and don’t want to bee so I’ll skip sharing this part of my creations. Too bad, I’m sure several others than just Vaadin developers would be interested on this area.

Hint, if you provide me an email I might slip you a copy of the war file silently below the table.


Hi, to Vaadin users!

I am a GWT user and I am evaluating Vaadin and so far so good. Very nice work guys! For some type of projects definitely “the best choice”!

I am also interesting in tooltips in JFree … is this public, available?



Dear Matti,

I’m pretty interested in the possibility of making JFreeChart’s SVG output a little interactive. Could you please send me the source code of your example?


Thanks in advance and congratulations for your great work at Vaadin!



You should have a present in your gmail inbox. In case you end up with some cool batik extension, I hope you share your work with a compatible open source license. I’m not actively following any jfreechart discussions (outside this forum), so please inform us here also.