JFreeChartWrapper empty behind proxy

Hi together,

when loading a svg graph through a zuul proxy it is not displayed in the UI. You can see it in the image I attached. When calling the svg directly and also when open it behind the proxy within the UI it shows up.

Here is the code I use:

        JFreeChart chart = createchart(dataset);
        JFreeChartWrapper jFreeChartWrapper = new JFreeChartWrapper(chart) {
            private static final long serialVersionUID = -7115428425068565513L;

            public void attach() {
                setResource("src", getSource());

Do you have any suggestions about where to look/debug and about what could be the reason?

Thanks in advance

Spring Security sends a X-Frame-Option-Header (with DENY) which disallows it to view the chart within an IFrame. There for an embedded object is used to display the graph, but that doesn’t work.

http.headers().frameOptions().disable(); on the zuul-proxy-service was the solution.