JFreeChart wrapper updated to support relative sizes


I just tweaked the JFreeChartWrapper a bit. It now support relative sizes, so you can make those scalable vector graphics (and PNG’s as well on IE) to scale while you resize your browser or e.g. a split panel.

I also added methods to control the size of “canvas” where the jfreechart is rendered:
setGraphWidth and setGraphHeight. Most commonly you don’t need to adjust them, but if you are using relative sizes you may affect a bit how your graph looks. You might also want to tweak how aspect ratio is handled with setSvgAspectRatio function. There are lots of possible values for that (see SVG spec), but “meet” is probably the one you want if you don’t want a bit stretched graphics.

You ought get get quite nice results with these options, but for truly scalable graphs I’m waiting for someone to build a graph library that renders completely on the client side - adjusting e.g. font sizes and legend styles according to available space.

The graphWidth/Height also affects for PNG fallback used for IE (still waiting for IE9…). If you want to print sharper graphs from IE, you can e.g. give three times the pixels size of the component for the graph width and height. This way you should get pretty sharp printouts on IE too.