Javascript takes a lot of time (10-14 seconds) to load on Vaadin 7

I know Vaadin 7 is deprecated but it would be really great of you if you can help.
I have an AbstractJavaScriptComponent annotated with @Javascript containing the js libraries.
There are 2 files.
One file is 3.2 MB(I know it is too huge but we need it) and the other is 70.7 KB.
It takes about 10-14 seconds for the bigger file to get downloaded on the browser. This just happens on chromium based browsers.
I have also noticed that the files are downloaded twice. I have attached the network details from Chrome browser here. For testing purposes these are the observations from an empty workspace with no code at all but just the JavaScriptComponent with the annotations.
Also, I have tested the same 2 js files on a normal web application, the same way vaadin puts it in the <head> tag. The loading time was pretty fast there.
I checked on Vaadin 8, it loads fast there too.
It would be great if anyone can suggest me something. :slight_smile: