JavaScript slow loading dependencies


i have written an AbstractJavaScriptExtension and defined some dependencies. I observed a really wired behaviour. While the first depdency is loaded just fine, the others lead to slow loading.

Overall i get horrible loading times. Just wondering, why the first dependency is loaded just fine in contrast to the following dependencies.

Would like to know if it is a known problem or if i may be doing some thing wrong.

best regards
Viktor K.

No one? Thought it is a really common case that Extensions have multiple Dependencies.

Hmm, interesting. I’ll have to investigate but there may be some contention for the session lock that shouldn’t be there. That is, it may well be a core framework problem.

Nobody using AbstractJavaScriptExtension with more than 1 dependency?

This issue sounds like it might be linked to
(fixed 6 weeks ago for IE11) and

Sadly the problem still remains also with the newest version of vaadin.