Javascript error while opening certain popups (VGridLayout.rowHeights null)

Vaading version: 6.7.2 (maven dependency)

Error arises on certain popups in our app and from some point of (development) time. While debugging (just throwing random components off the form) we finally got some popups working on one developer’s machine (we removed width attribute from panel), but while run an application on another’s, the bug arises again. Because of this, I can’t narrow down the problem and the form is kind of big.

While in debug mode I’m able to see the error in console log of my Chrome browser. Error source is at F6AE253ECBD559441FC994EE2C4B25AC.cache.html:2371 (cause we don’t ever recompile the sources, I belive they’re the same as those that was pushed into Maven repository).
If this can say something, here is the function on line 2371:

If this information is not enough and no one can say something useful about it, maybe there are unobfuscated sources of 6.7.2 version so we could debug JS and further investigate the problem?

We built widgetset with GWT at detailed source generation level and and found out, that in code below
points to null (VGridLayout):

                if (allocated < height) {
                    needsLayout = true;
                    if (cell.rowspan == 1) {
                        // do simple row expansion
 = minRowHeights[cell.row]
 = height;
                    } else {
                        // mark that row span expansion is needed
                        reDistributeRowSpanHeights = true;

As a workaround of this bug we decided switch from GridLayout to combination of vertical and horizontal layouts.

Are you able to test this with the latest 6.8 version?
Are you able to make a small test program that exhibits the problem (what are the size of the layout, …)?

If you are able to reproduce this with a recent version, please
create a ticket

Sorry for a big delay between posts, we had a lot work to do this time.
We’re not able to test it in 6.8 because project is in it’s late stage and no further global code changes are welcome :slight_smile: