Java Servlet & Redirect to Vaadin route

Hi! So I have 2 Vaadin apps which are supposed to talk to each other. App 1 uses Springboot and the other one Java EE. App2 is supposed to receive a json Object via http request, fill a Bean and open a browser window (with a Vaadin Form) with that bean. I opened a plain java servlet and the object arrives just fine. The thing I don t quite know where to go from here and handle the UI. Every bit of advice and help is greatly appreciated

Create a Singleton Service in which you store your form data and put the json and a unique id inside it, return the unique id and redirect the user to app2 with this id - lastly load the data associated with the id from the Singleton once app2 is opened / redirect finished

Another idea could be to store the json inside the httpsession and redirect the user / access it from there but I’m not sure if your servlet is stateless or not

thank you so so much! the idea i m currently working on is relies on the httpsession as you also suggested. i m kinda left to my own devices and this is my first job so yeah :smile: this gives me a bit of strength

If they are in the same JVM(&servlet container), it might not be necessary to serialize as JSON at all.

Sadly not, we had this topic on the weekend :sweat_smile: