Java live reload unavailable

Hi… I upgrade my projects from 14.3 to 14.4.1 to check the new faster dev-mode and now I am viewing the notification about “Java live reload unavailable”, but my hotswap-agent 1.4.0 (higher version not working) works great!


What is the configuration am I missing to stop seeing this notification?
I have the Hotswap loaded in Paraya4 and 5 as JVM parameters

I read about it in , the recommendation about using 1.4.2-snap doesn’t work for me.
I don’t want to use autoHotswap=true because working in debug mode on Netbeans already update the classes, I added resources/ but didn’t make the diff

I am just curious


As stated in the docs, 1.4.1 or newer is required. The easiest way is to use latest TravaOpenJDK, that has it bundled.

What is the issue that you have with 1.4.1?


I had a few but everyone are solved now

and after a few clean and build everything started to work properly

I am not sure if the blue exclamation means something extra, there is no tooltip hovering

PD: we are still using jdk 8 oracle, we have too much to migrate from V7 to v14 for now, we will see about moving from java8 to 11 later