java.lang.VerifyError - everywhere!

Hey guys, first post here.

Well, I’m developing a little application using Vaadin. I’ve got some difficulties along the way, but things got back on track and it was working like a charm. But when I tried to do a downloadable file (using FileDownloader), it gave me a java.lang.VerifyError on the argument AbstractComponent.

So I looked for it, and indeed I had two dependencies (vaadin and vaadin-server) with AbstractComponent.

I looked over my pom.xml, and I had the dependencies com.vaadin.vaadin on version 6.8.3 and com.vaadin.server on 7.1.2 (or something close to it), which is weird (or possibly wrong), but anyway. First thing I thought was that maybe changing com.vaadin.vaadin to 7.x would fix all my compilation problems, but… nop.

Changing com.vaadin.vaadin to 7.x formed me to do that Application to UI change (ok, no compilation errors), but all I’m getting now is a java.lang.VerifyError on com.vaadin.ui.JavaScript.

My question is: I want to work with Vaadin 7, which dependencies should I use? Right now I have:

com.vaadin vaadin 7.0.0.alpha1 com.vaadin vaadin-server 7.1.1

I’m really confused with these version tweaks, and these compilation issues are driving me crazy. Things were working just fine with 6.8.x for vaadin and 7.1.x for server.

Thanks in advance!

Ater some more research, I managed to fix this.

Changed the com.vaadin.vaadin dependency to com.vaadin.vaadin-client-compiled, so everything was into an apparently “stable” 7.x version. After a few more tweaks (since I was using some methods from 6.x), got it to work, so no more compilation conflicts now.