Broken pipe


sometime i’m experimenting the attached exception:

Can someone help to understand what happen?

AWS on tomcat 8.5 java 11

message.txt (4.41 KB)

I had this issue in the past (not AWS, but multiple loadbalancer(s) and tomcat instances), when the loadbalancer closed the websocket connection because the idle timeout for sticky sessions was set lower than the heartbeat of vaadin.
As long as a user was using the application it was fine, but after the timeout of the loadbalancer ran out, the websocket connection was closed by the loadbalancer which resulted in the error you see above.

Thanks, it could be, thanks to address me to this way.
how did you solved ?
increasing the vaadin heartbeat?

I increased the timeout of the loadbalancer to match the session timeout of my vaadin sessions (60mins), but I guess you could also decrease the heartbeatInterval of Vaadin.

This error happens when the loadbalancer / proxy disconnects before the servler or browser. So most likely you have too short timeout there.