Java Framework

What all are the top java framework 2019?

The top java frameworks for the year 2019 are:-

  1. JSF (Java Server Faces) : JSF has various pros such as

    • It is supported by oracle
    • It has an amazing documentation.
    • Tools are excellent
    • Rich libraries avaiable
      But it has cons as well. Those are as follows:-
    • It is slightly complex
    • It requires some experience
    • It is slow for the development purpose.
  2. STRUTS: It is free and open source framework. Below are its pros:-

    • It is free and open source.
    • It has rapid development
    • New code can be easily tested

Cons of Struts;-
* Many Rules
* Not flexible

  1. HIBERNATE:It is a ORM Framework. Lets go through its pros
    • it’s very powerful and speedy
    • Can be easily configured
    • Ease in modification.

Cons of Struts:-
* Retart is slow
* You can easily lose all your data.

  1. GWT: google web toolkit. Pros of GWT.
    • Easily accessible
    • Amazing documentation.
      Cons of GWT:-
    • Compiling is a very slow process.

Now these are the top Java framework that took place in the year 2019. It’s very important from the point of view of to have a sound knowledge about them.