Java EE my_starter_project shows "Request was not handled by any registered

Hi @all, i want test vaadin in a java ee / wildfly - environment - for the first step without modifications,
but for the moment i failed.
Build under eclipse (4.7 JEE) and deployment on wildfly 10.1 is working.
​I use a fresh Wildfly-Instance with standalone-full.xml added by the bakery-Datasource-definition.
​Also the start of wildfly shows no exceptions in the server.log, only some warnings (see attachement).
​The first call of login-screen looks fine, but an successfull logon will be acknowledged
with “Request was not handled by any registered handler.​” on an empty screen
​and no further server.log-entries.
​Please help.

The error message seems to be the same as in this forum thread:!/thread/10665007/10755520

So maybe it’s something to do with the context path?


Hi Olli,
​thanks for the hints. I think it was something with the context path - too.
​Whyever, when i removed ./src/webapp/WEB-INF/jboss-web.xml (with /) from project/deployment, it works.