Java EE essentials

I noticed to be repeating myself in various Java EE apps. Not that much in code, but in build file. That made me prototype a collection of basic dependencies and configurations which could be thrown to a project to get started quicker and to keep your build files cleaner.

Build file for simple Java EE + Vaadin app looks now like this:

Java 8 settings are of course optional and could get rid of custom repository if that would be deployed to maven central. You can launch the example app with just “mvn package wildfly:run”. A snapshot is deployed to

The example app I built for it looks like this
. It uses just in memory DB, but standard Java EE stuff like JPA could be thrown in without further changes to build.

Please, try it out and your share improvement ideas. I hope Vaadin could official provide something like this in the future. The actual dependency collection is in this github repository: