Java Applet intergrations via HTML.

I am trying to call a Java applet using the BrowserFrame component and loading in HTML to call the applet. I know my HTML code works and will start the applet if I call it from outside the application, but when I try to call it from inside the application I get a class not found. The conculsion I have drawn is that the browser can not find the jar file specified in the HTML code, but I am not sure why that is.

Both the HTML file and the jar file are located in the root path of the Vaadin project on the server, and I can find the HTML file fine. Below is the HTML code fragment that I am using to load the Java applet.

<applet code="" archive="applet.jar" width="100%" height="100%"> </applet> Thank you

I manged to get pass some of my issues, but I am still having problems. Right now I am getting an “Incompatible Magic Number” error message from Java. From what I can tell this is caused by the what is being returned when the Applet and/or jar file is returned to the client. There seems to be some html code wrapped around what is returned.

I would like to make use of the AppletIntegration add on, but I can not find good examples of how to make use of it. This is especially troubling since I need to modify the startup parameters that are included in the HTML or JNLP file that starts the applet.

Can someone provide me some help in resolving this, as I only have trial license for the applet?

Thank you

I am still looking for addtional information on how to use the AppletIntegration add on.
Thank you