Java API for google-map-clusterer WebComponent

Hello guys!
I’ve been trying for several days to create the Java API for the WebComponent google-map-clusterer (

I was able to integrate its use with the WebComponent google-map ( and through the execution of Javascript code server side I was able to add some markers to the map and get their clustering.

However, I would like to intercept the event of clicking on the cluster and markers to be able to show a Vaadin Window with additional information. However, I can’t capture the following event:

* Fired when the cluster was clicked.
* @param {google.maps.MouseEvent} event The mouse event.
* @event google-map-markercluster-click

I created the following Java class:

public class GoogleMapClustererClusterClickEvent extends ComponentEvent<GoogleMapClusterer> {

    private final ??? mouseEvent;

    public GoogleMapClustererClusterClickEvent( GoogleMapClusterer source, boolean fromClient, @EventData( "event" ) ??? mouseEvent ) {
        super(source, fromClient);
        this.mouseEvent = mouseEvent;

    public ??? getMouseEvent( ) {
        return mouseEvent;

Someone can help me, give me some advice?
Thank you all!