Java 1.6

Why does Vaadin 6.6 need JDK 1.6?
We are forced to use Java 1.5 so this is a real problem for us.

BTW: The change to Java 1.6 is not mentioned in the release notes!


Vaadin 6.6 should work fine with java 1.5. If not, there has been some major error in the build.

GWT (and our widget set builds) “suggests” to use java 1.6 (shows a message during build if built with 1.5), but works perfectly fine with java 1.5.


Thanx for the answer.
The message during build was confusing me.

It’s surely not the official Vaadin position, and not to start any flaming, but Java 6 came out 5 years ago. It is time for any modern web 2.0 app to perhaps consider upgrading to such an old technology :slight_smile: I mean, Java 7 is almost here. I know there are a lot of folks still stuck on IE6, too, but some technologies really just need to die in order to build new, more advanced systems. I can see old code being stuck, but developing new systems on such old technology should be hard to defend.