Jasper reports - byte data not found

I have a Jasper report that has a logo on it, but Vaadin in production mode cannot find this logo, even though it exists on the server.

HashMap<String, Object> param = new HashMap<>();
        param.put("logoCupom", "C: " + File.separator + "Agil" + File.separator + "Logos" + File.separator + "PortalParceiro" + File.separator + "EAS.png");
InputStream src = getClass().getResourceAsStream("/reports/Contrato_Prestacao_Servicos.jasper");
            JasperPrint jp = JasperFillManager.fillReport(src, param,
                    new JREmptyDataSource());
            JasperExportManager.exportReportToPdfFile(jp, contratoLocal.getPath());



It looks like a JasperReport related issue. Please check server logs and see if there is a stack trace that could help identifying the issue.

it works in dev mode though, strange

Yeah. Hopefully the stack trace can point you to the cause of the issue

the stack trace says nothing sadly

thx anyways

Do you mean there’s no stack trace at all?

no no, there is

but it does not give any significant information that i didnt already know

hey wait a sec…

there seems to be a whitespace after the C:

that probably shouldnt be there lol

good catch

lets hope its just that

if so, sorry for wasting your time lol

I deal with complex stuff everyday I forget the simple typo

it was actually just that omg


thanks for the attention