jasper report integration with vaadin


I would like to know are there any specific steps to integrate jasper report with vaadin framework.
Is their any other reporting framework which suits to vaadin.



There are no relations between Jasper reporting and Vaadin in any way. Jasper can be used just like any other reporting system like Crystal Reports. I’ve personally seen implementations for both which worked so that there’s Vaadin UI that is used to input data that is then passed to reporting system as regular Pojo or DTO. After that report is generated and link to output, usually pdf is then updated to UI.

Steps to integrate Jasper could be for example:

  1. Setup Jasper in your system with proper templates
  2. Define Pojo that holds the variable data for the report that is then applied on template
  3. Implement UI to modify your data
  4. Store data to database, or maybe pass directly to Jasper
  5. Generate report and store it somewhere, to some document management system for example
  6. Update UI to show the report the way you want, possibly a button that opens the report from specific URL to new window for example

You can also use database datasources, JMS or whatever you want. It’s not really about Vaadin in any way.