‘IvyDE‘ resolve has encountered a problem!


it’s my first time using Vaadin. I followed the descriptions of the Vaadin book step by step and installed Eclipse Luna, Apache Ivy and the current version of Vaadin. As you can see in the attachment IvyDE couldn’t resolve the dependencies because of ‘not found’. I guess it gets blocked by the corporate firewall. I have to use a certain proxy. Do I have to change the Ivy.xml settings or other files?
I also tried to download the dependencies on a private desktop pc at home and doesn’t get any resolve problems.

In the meantime I added the libraries manually into project/WebContent/WEB-INF/lib/. I can run the Vaadin-Project now and can test the features, but getting the dependencies still doesn’t work.

Do you have any suggestion?
I would be grateful if you could explain your suggestion step by step.

Thank you!


Most probably you need to change the proxy settings in Eclipse. That’s what I did to properly download updates and dependencies via our corporate firewall. You might want to check whether Eclipse - Help - Check for Updates is working.


Thank you,

but I checked the proxy settings (Window → Preferences → General → Network Connections) and everything seems fine to me. Also my boss checked it and couldn’t find something wrong. All proxys are set.
I checked the installed software (Apache Ivy, Apache Ivy Ant Tasks, Apache IvyDE,Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers and Vaadin Plug-in for Eclipse) and everything could be downloaded and installed via Help → Install new Software.
Only the Vaadin 7 Designer for Eclipse (Beta) couldn’t be downloaded (see attachment).
When I try to update (Help → Check for Updates) I get the usual download bar and the information that no updates were found. So the resolve problem still exists.

Thank you and regards,
B. S.