ivy.xml from repository complains of errors

I am following the instructions to setup a Vaadin 7 development environment. When I clone the master branch from Git, I get an ivy.xml in the root of my project that complains of an error:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE ivy-module [
       <!ENTITY server SYSTEM "server/ivy.xml">
       <!ENTITY client SYSTEM "client/ivy.xml">
       <!ENTITY clientCompiler SYSTEM "client-compiler/ivy.xml">
       <!ENTITY shared SYSTEM "shared/ivy.xml">
       <!ENTITY uitest SYSTEM "uitest/ivy.xml">
       <!ENTITY themeCompiler SYSTEM "theme-compiler/ivy.xml">
<ivy-module version="2.0"



Eclipse Indigo says that one of the referenced files contains errors. When I Show Detail, I get

cvc-complex-type-2.4.a: Invalid content was found starting with element 'ivy-module'. One of '{info}' was expected.

The referenced file is server/ivy.xml. It doesn’t show any errors. What is going wrong?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ivy-module version="2.0"

    <info organisation="com.vaadin" module="vaadin-server"
        revision="${vaadin.version}" />

        <conf name="build" />
        <conf name="build-provided" />
        <conf name="ide" visibility="private" />
        <conf name="tests" visibility="private" />
        <artifact type="jar" ext="jar" />
        <artifact type="source" ext="jar" m:classifier="sources" />
        <artifact type="javadoc" ext="jar" m:classifier="javadoc" />
        <artifact type="pom" ext="pom" />
        <!-- API DEPENDENCIES -->

        <!-- Liferay Portal Service -->
        <dependency org="com.liferay.portal" name="portal-service"
            rev="6.0.2" conf="build-provided,ide -> default" />
        <!--Servlet API version 2.4 -->
        <dependency org="javax.servlet" name="servlet-api"
            rev="2.4" conf="build-provided,ide,tests -> default" />

        <!--Portlet API version 2.0 (JSR-286) -->
        <dependency org="javax.portlet" name="portlet-api"
            rev="2.0" conf="build-provided,ide,tests -> default" />

        <!-- Google App Engine -->
        <dependency org="com.google.appengine" name="appengine-api-1.0-sdk"
            rev="1.2.1" conf="build-provided,ide,tests -> default" />
        <dependency org="javax.validation" name="validation-api"
            rev="1.0.0.GA" conf="build-provided,ide,tests -> default" />

        <!-- LIBRARY DEPENDENCIES (compile time) -->
        <!-- Project modules -->
        <dependency org="com.vaadin" name="vaadin-shared"
            rev="${vaadin.version}" conf="build,tests" />
        <dependency org="com.vaadin" name="vaadin-theme-compiler"
            rev="${vaadin.version}" conf="build,tests" />

        <!-- Jsoup for BootstrapHandler -->
        <dependency org="org.jsoup" name="jsoup" rev="1.6.3"
            conf="build,ide,tests -> default" />


        <!-- Test frameworks & related -->
        <dependency org="junit" name="junit" rev="4.5"
            conf="tests,ide -> default" />
        <dependency org="org.easymock" name="easymock" rev="3.0"
            conf="tests,ide-> default" transitive="true" />
        <dependency org="org.hsqldb" name="hsqldb" rev="2.2.6"
            conf="tests,ide -> default" />
        <dependency org="commons-io" name="commons-io" rev="1.4"
            conf="tests->default" />
        <dependency org="commons-lang" name="commons-lang"
            rev="2.6" conf="tests,ide->default" />
        <!-- Bean Validation implementation -->
        <dependency org="org.slf4j" name="slf4j-log4j12" rev="1.6.1"
            conf="tests -> default" />
        <dependency org="org.hibernate" name="hibernate-validator"
            rev="4.2.0.Final" conf="tests -> default" />