itmill app on iphones?

Can we use the itmill app on iphones?

Sure you can, the Mobile Safari works pretty much the same way as the desktop version of Safari.

Not everything works the same way, though. Scrolling is pretty much undoabled in Panels and Tables. But by planning ahead for iPhone (and other mobile device) use, you can make an app that works both on the desktop and on the iPhone.

Just a note on the scrolling issue: to scroll an element within the page (as opposed to scrolling the whole page) with the iPhone, you have drag with two fingers, otherwise it scrolls the whole page. This is not a very well-know fact, though, and certainly not very discoverable, so it’s currently not recommended to have scrolling elements in webapps that should work on the iPhone. Note that this is not a itmill-specific issue, but a general iPhone webapp design issue to keep in mind.

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