Items Double click

When you double click on an non editable table line’s item (or a tree item, or menu item), you finish by selecting the text in place of the whole line, any plan to update this.

You could fix that yourself with CSS, using
user-select: none;
(plus all the vendor-specific versions of the same property, e.g.
-moz-user-select: none;

user-select:none is a css hidden gem, cheers!

(Vendor specifics I’ve found are [code]



I don’t suppose there’s a similar thing for IE, is there? I can see that you’ve achieved it on (non-native) Buttons, but I haven’t worked out how.



My current belief is that IE8 would support
-ms-user-select: none;
, but I failed to find any proof to back it up.

The solution for IE (in versions 6 & 7 at least) is to use JavaScript to cancel the IE-proprietary onSelectStart event.

I can’t find any proof either, - and as it doesn’t work, I’m afraid that belief is ill founded :wink:
Below works on Chrome, FF, Safari, but not IE8…

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<div>Here is some text that is selectable</div>
<div class="no-selector">Here is some text that is NOT selectable</div>

I haven’t MS Windows in my office, can you please make a try to:

in place of :

Taken from:

Hi Ramzi,

OK - I tried that, and no… afraid not.

I think that we can conclude that currently, in IE, there is no way to disable user-selection via CSS

FWIW, here’s a
post listing all of the IE CSS Vendor Extensions
in IE8.



Thank you Jouni for response.
Thank you Charles for testing.

To be continued… for M$-IE8 :wink:

this is a very interesting topic!
In my case I want to display my
nodes with no selectable caption;
therefore, I modified the style.css file to:

.v-tree-node-caption div {
	white-space: normal;
/*added lines*/
	user-select: none;

BUT no modification, the caption of different nodes are selectable!
can someone tell me where exactly can I modify the css file?

Tried your CSS, works just as expected in Safari, Firefox and Chrome. Opera and IE fail to comply, they need JavaScript/GWT to prevent the selection.