IT Mill Toolkit 5.3.0 RC 12 available

The Release Candidate 12 for the IT Mill Toolkit 5.3.0 release is again at “No Known Bugs” state. This could really be it…perhaps?

Get the installation packages from
. You can download the latest RC also from the regular
download page

The RC12 has
27 closed tickets
since RC11. If problems are found, they will appear in the
up-to-date list of open tickets for RC13
. Hope that RC13 will never come, but instead the actual release, but nevertheless please report if you find any more problems.

The Java application server compatibility list was added to the
Release Notes for 5.3.0 release
, but the notes are otherwise unchanged since the previous RC.

The updated demo site is available at:

Still looking good, 0 bugs! :smiley: