IT Mill Toolkit 5.3.0 RC 10 available

With RC10, the release candidates for the stable IT Mill Toolkit 5.3.0 are again at zero known bugs, only some documentation & packaging issues remain.

As an invisible addition, the package includes the new Sampler demo package. It’s not yet included in the demo content viewer, but after launching the demo, you can use the Sampler with URL: http://localhost:8888/sampler/ .

Get the 5.3.0 RC10 at
. You can now download the latest RC also from the
download page

If problems are found during testing, they will be listed in the
up-to-date list of open tickets for RC11
. Please report if you find any problems.

The RC10 has a large number of
54 closed tickets
since RC9.

Release Notes for 5.3.0 release
are mostly unchanged since the previous RC. There is one addition regarding the stack size parameter in the Ant build file for building custom widget sets with the Out-of-Process Hosted Mode (OOPHM).

OMG, does this mean we are really close getting it out?

Initially I guestimated that it will take 11 (or was it 13?) RC iterations to get 5.3.0 out, this was looong time ago :slight_smile: